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Returning Your Property to its Former Glory Following a Home or Business Fire

March 18, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

A fire is every homeowner’s and business owner’s worst nightmare, as well as the physical, financial and mental effects that this type of devastation can cause, work must also be done to recover your property and belongings in order to rebuild your life. But returning your home or business premises to its former glory can be done…

Call Your Insurer

The first step following a property fire is to contact your home or business premises insurance provider. Depending on the type of cover you have, your insurer should be happy to help in regards to finding temporary accommodation while your home or business premises is being renovated as well as assisting with the initial steps needed to get your damaged property and its contents cleaned and restored.

Many insurance providers will also ask you to make a detailed list or inventory of all the belongings in property and their value. These items will either be replaced or their monetary value will paid in due course.

Restoring Your Fire Damaged Property

As well as offering a number of commercial and industrial cleaning services, here at UK Commercial Cleaning, we also provide fire damage restoration to bring order to your home or business property once more.

We understand just how traumatic and life changing a fire can be and whilst personal belongings cannot be replaced, our specialists deliver a high quality service to restore your fire or smoke damaged premises. Our round the clock response team are able to liaise with your insurance provider to ensure your restoration happens quickly and smoothly so you can return to your home or place of work as soon as possible.

The Recovery Process

Whilst the length of the restoration varies from property to property, every fire restoration begins with a damage assessment. This assessment involves a series of tests, which determine the cost and time frame required to recover your home or business premises.

The team at UK Commercial Cleaning provide a number of services to ensure your property has the best possible start following fire and smoke damage, including emergency board up, structural stabilisation, soot clearance, smoke odour removal, sanitation and the removal of damaged belongings and other contents. Industrial-grade equipment, such as air movers, extractors and dehumidifiers are also used by our team to ensure any residual water is cleared.

Following clearance, the reconstruction of the premises can then take place with all affected areas subject to a variety of expert techniques. Preventative measures are also taken to ensure the aftermath of the fire and restoration does not prevail once you have moved back into your home or business premises.

If you would like to speak to us regarding the Restoration of Your Fire Damaged Property, call us today on 0800 032 9533.

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