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Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

kitchen deep cleaning

Nationwide Kitchen Deep Cleaning / BESA Approved

Kitchen deep cleaning is one of our most popular services here at UK Commercial Cleaning. Our team has a number of theories as to why this may be; the two most popular being i) nobody likes deep cleaning, whatever the circumstances may be, and ii) our team is comprised of the best truly thorough cleaners in the business. For businesses in need of kitchen deep cleaning London to Glasgow – we’re the go-to providers for a reason.

Our team of kitchen deep cleaners are known nationally for their ability to restore everything back to its original state; from canopies, extractor fans and filters, which must be cleaned by law every 6 months! We’ll leave your equipment germ free, smelling fresh and most importantly – fully compliant with health and safety guidelines. We offer our services in a way that negates interruption to your business. In most cases we will strive to work out of hours to offer the most convenience possible to you and your staff. We are BESA Approved & Compliant, Certification provided after completion.

Not Just a Kitchen Deep Cleaning Business

When we’re brought in to rectify the hygiene situation in a new commercial kitchen we do so much more than ensuring that all of the equipment and the areas in which it is housed meet national legal standards, We consult with the team on-site to help make sure that these standards are maintained for the long term – effectively putting as much time between the date of the deep clean and the next time you need to give us a call as possible!

National Deep Cleaning Companies & Service

We offer the only fully national kitchen deep cleaning services available to pubs, restaurants and hotels all over the country. With offices in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Manchester and London, we are more prepared to serve the whole of the UK than any of our competitors. What’s more, our specialists have more experience, qualifications and resolve in the face of kitchens that have been left to fall into disrepair for too long than anyone else out there.

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