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Extractor Hood Cleaning

extractor hood cleaning

Extractor Hood Cleaning / BESA Compliant & Approved

Anyone individual that has ever worked in the hospitality or catering business will be acutely aware of how important yet difficult it is to maintain a clean and safe air filtration and extraction system. As the United Kingdom’s only fully dedicated nationwide extractor hood cleaning company, UK Commercial Cleaning has years of experience dealing with literally thousands of extractors in all conditions, specifications and locations.

If regular oven cleaning, duct cleaning and extractor hood cleaning is not undertaken in commercial kitchens and premises, troublesome grease deposits left over from service will amass quickly, in turn attracting fibrous build-ups. Eventually, these build-ups will carbonise and become baked-on, making their removal extremely difficult and time consuming. What’s more, air flow efficiency can be seriously impaired by the deposits which in turn will affect the amount of energy being used to maintain a clean and safe internal environment.

If all of these areas are not professionally cleaned and maintained, then this can quickly become a fire risk, whilst bacteria developing in grease deposits can also create a hazard to health; this means that business efficiency and profitability is bound to suffer. We are BESA Approved & Compliant, Certification provided after completion.

Furthermore, failure to carry out regular oven and duct cleaning can invalidate buildings insurance cover. We are aware of many cases where insurers are refusing to pay out on millions of pound worth of claims following fires where the insured has not complied with the warranties on their buildings insurance policies regarding regular cleaning of duct and extractor hood systems.

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Nationwide Extractor Hood Cleaning BESA Compliant

UK Commercial Cleaning is proud to offer the UK’s only fully national extractor hood cleaning services to an ever-growing list of clients across a variety of industries and in locations as diverse as Leeds, Glasgow and Newcastle!

It is a legal requirement to ensure that all industrial kitchen ovens and grease extract systems, such as canopies, filters, ductwork, risers and fans, in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, pubs, canteens, food production areas, hospitals and schools, are cleaned & repaired as required by your buildings insurance policies, and in accordance with Fire Safety Regulations and Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) regulations. We are BESA Approved & Compliant, Certification provided after completion.

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