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How to Maintain Your Commercial Property’s Drainage System

April 2, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

When maintaining your commercial property, there are a number of aspects that the average business or building owner must consider to keep their premises in good working order. Drain maintenance is just one of these, and keeping your drain system in excellent condition will save you money in the long run. But what can you do to ensure your drains remain unclogged and effective?

Common Causes of Drainage Disasters

Food residue is the main culprit of clogged drainage systems, and blockages can easily occur over time without the correct maintenance regime in place. In addition to this, certain liquids quickly solidify when poured down the drain, causing blockages to occur further into your system. Grease is one such example, and when washed down sinks this fatty substance clings to the inside of your pipes, minimising space for passing liquids and eventually blocking the entire system completely.

It’s not just inside your premises where blockages are caused, when autumn sets in the outdoors presents its own difficulties for those looking to maintain clean and clear drains. Leaves and other debris block drains fast and must be cleared to prevent build-up.

Create a Drain Friendly Culture

The majority of drain problems can be easily prevented and changing how your employees dispose of food and liquid can make all the difference. Encourage staff to throw solids into the bin and avoid pouring fatty liquids down the sink. You can also install strainers in the sinks of your breakout areas to keep plugholes clear of waste.

How to Spot a Blocked Drain

For those without the right know-how a blocked drain can be difficult to spot but the following signs could indicate a problem below the surface…

  • Pungent odour
  • Slow water drainage in sinks
  • Difficulties flushing the toilet
  • Rising water level in toilet
  • Gurgling sounds from plughole

Enlist Professional Drain Cleaning

It is recommended that you enlist a commercial cleaning company to clear blocked drains. Our 24 hour service offers an efficient solution for business owners looking to resolve blockages quickly, and with drain cleaning depots throughout the country, we can cater to your needs without delay.

The UK Commercial Cleaning team provide an emergency response to each and every drain difficulty, and work day and night to restore your system to its former glory. Drain blockages can cause a number of unpleasant side effects but draining cleaning can be used to minimise disruption.

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