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Drain Cleaning Blockages

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Commercial Drain Cleaning

At UK Commercial Cleaning we offer a nationwide drain cleaning and maintenance service to industrial and commercial customers. Our professional team offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly service; fixing blockages and maintaining your drains in a clean condition to prevent floods, unpleasant smells and blockages.

Why Regular Drain Cleaning is Important

Blocked drains can cause significant problems for commercial buildings, which is why regular drain cleaning is essential. At UK Commercial Cleaning we provide rapid 24/7 emergency repair services whenever a serious issue arises, but it is always more cost-effective to regularly maintain your drains so the risk of blockage is reduced. Blocked drains are highly unpleasant and also encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, posing a health hazard to visitors and employees. They can also cause flooding and damage to buildings through damp issues.

To see how we complete our service, please watch the video below:

How to Tell if your Drains need Cleaning

There are several signs that drain cleaning is overdue in your facility:

  • An unpleasant sulphur like odour coming from sinks or drains.
  • Sinks failing to drain or taking a long time for the water to go down.
  • A gurgling sound from plugs after the water has drained.
  • Toilets overflowing or filling right to the edge when flushed.

Nationwide Drain Cleaning Company

If you notice any of these signs, it is time to call our specialist cleaning engineers at UK Commercial Cleaning. Our service has two aims:

1) To quickly address the problem of damaged drains to remove blockages and eliminate health hazards.
2) To assess the underlying causes of blockages, taking effective remedial action to prevent re-occurrence of the same issues.

Our team use a kit of advanced tools to survey your drains, remove foul substances and repair damage. To find out more about our nationwide drain cleaning service, including our planned preventative maintenance packages, please give us a call on our customer service line today or fill in the form below.

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