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Get Your Carpet Cleaned Properly

February 5, 2021 – by Tony Earnshaw

Office carpets and commercial industrial carpets naturally pick up a huge amount of dirt and debris from the continuous flow of people. Although general cleaners can do a great job of everyday cleaning and vacuuming, carpets with such heavy use really should have proper deep cleaning from time to time ensure they are completely fresh and clean.

Advantages of having carpets professionally cleaned

Having carpets professionally deep cleaned will certainly improve the look and the feel and will immediately brighten and freshen up the office and create a good impression for visitors and clients. Fibres in carpet become matted with dust and dirt and give a worn out and dull feel as well as feeling flat and rough. Professional cleaning can lift the dust and dirt and can prevent it from damaging the fibres, improving the look and prolonging the life of the carpet.

In areas with heavy foot traffic, such as offices and commercial units, there can be an incredible amount of dirt and bacteria building up every day, especially over the winter months as conditions are wet outside. Inevitably, over time with such a build-up, the carpets can begin to smell and they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. If mould starts to grow it can generate airborne spores which can affect the air quality in the working environment. Carpets can also be home to parasites such as lice, fleas, lice and mites. Only professional carpet cleaning can clean deep down to rid your carpet of any such bugs to ensure the carpet is pristine and hygenic.

How frequently should you have your carpets cleaned?

It’s a good idea to get carpets professionally cleaned regularly. Exactly how frequently will depend on the exact circumstances, it may be that your office or commercial property requires a ‘spring’ clean every 12 months or so. UK Commercial Cleaning offers a convenient and economical and service and can schedule regular cleans or deal with emergency cleans.

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