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Getting your Winter Supplies Early

November 26, 2020 – by Tony Earnshaw

When the winter months hit they can bring adverse weather with them that can cause problems for your business premises. For that reason it’s good to plan ahead by ordering winter supplies early, as well as winter-proofing your building to ensure the risk of damage and disruption is minimal, both inside and out.

But what measures do you need to take in time for winter and why should you be ordering supplies early?

Outdoor precautions

Gutters can easily become clogged up with debris, dirt and leaves. Before the colder months, which invariably bring increased rainfall, sleet and snow, you should make sure your gutters are cleared to avoid blockages and ultimately potential leaks and water damage.

Loose or hanging branches should also be cut back before the wind hits. Storms are commonplace in winter and unstable branches can pose a risk to your buildings, staff and visitors.

Outdoor areas are likely to become slippery and hazardous in cold, icy weather. Stock up on plenty of grit or rock salt to make sure your surfaces are safe. If you work in a cold outdoor building such as a warehouse or workshop you may also want to use it indoors.

Indoor precautions

Your carpets may take a bashing in winter as muddy, wet shoes walk over them. Stock up on carpet and floor cleaner to avoid lingering stains, filthy flooring and ruined carpets. Keeping on top of the cleanliness at this time of year is important going forward.

We are also proud to stock a number of safety clothing and equipment including warning signs and screen wash. During the winter months it’s important to have these to hand for when they are needed. In some cases it may even be a legal requirement so don’t leave it too late before shopping for them.

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