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Winter Supplies

November 29, 2023 – by Mark Towers

Winter supplies

Winter Supplies Leaflet- 2023-24

Slippery paths & roads created by snow and ice cause the most dangerous driving conditions many of us are likely to face.

Rock salt is widely used throughout the UK to keep our paths & roads safe during cold weather.

Although you may often hear the terms grit and gritting.

This is in most instances rock salt that is being spread.

Rock salt is ideal for this purpose because it lowers the freezing point of water significantly.

It is therefore able to melt ice and snow.

This quality also means that salt can be used as a pre-treatment.

This prevents ice from forming and makes it easier for any snow that falls to be cleared.

Rock salt will work in this way in temperatures up to approximately -10oC, which means it is an ideal solution in most weather conditions experienced in the UK.

In addition to de-icing road surfaces, rock salt also improves driving conditions by providing traction for tyres on icy surfaces, reducing the risk of skidding and road traffic accidents.

Rock salt is also widely used to keep pedestrian routes, car parks and driveways clear of ice.

Rock salt is a non-toxic, natural and sustainable resource that is readily available, meaning that there is no need for road de-icing products to be imported from outside of the country.

Residual salt is gradually diluted and disposed of through natural processes.

Winter supplies

Rock salt

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