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Get Ready for Summer with Garden Maintenance

May 28, 2019 – by Tony Earnshaw

Lawns and plant beds do nothing for months on end, then after a glimmer of sunshine, nature goes mad. One morning the grass is suddenly waste high, ivy is crawling through the windows, there are growling noises in the undergrowth and the neighbour’s cat is missing.

At home, we can try a few excuses, but at commercial premises, it just won’t do to have frogs hopping in the door to catch the slugs that crawled in through the windows. Grounds, car parks and courtyards are a vital part of the first impression you make on customers, inspectors and your own employees.

Commercial Cleaning

Groundwork and landscaping is hard work if you aren’t equipped for it – and businesses rarely have a tool shed. Nor does it make any sense to have permanent staffing to cover seasonal problems. Fortunately, the best commercial cleaning and maintenance contractors are equipped to work outside your buildings as well as inside.

UK Commercial Cleaning provides fully-trained personnel to deal with windswept debris, rotting leaves, nesting birds and wasp nests, overgrown trees, lawns in need of a weed treatment, fences in need of weather treatment, flower bed weeding, hedge trimming and lawn mowing.

In fact, we have the expertise to undertake a complete architectural and landscaping redesign should you require one. Our teams are available for one-off assignments, regular site maintenance, or multisite operations.

Available All Four Seasons

Spring is unpredictable – it can bring high winds, heavy rain, heat-waves or cold snaps, but every season brings its own issues. There are leaves in autumn, rotting plant material in winter, steady growth throughout the summer. One of the problems with weather is that everybody gets it at the same time you do. Leaving it until the last minute to call for help may mean joining a queue, so scheduling your groundwork well in advance is always good advice.

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