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Ultimate Window Cleaning Training

April 24, 2019 – by Tony Earnshaw

Think you know all there is to know about cleaning windows? You’d be surprised at what you can learn from taking a course. A comprehensive course doesn’t simply show you how to clean. It also covers aspects of health and safety, such as working at height and assessing the risks of cleaning from inside or outside. A good course will also cover methods for cleaning and avoiding obstacles, such as signs, handles, locks and vents. Commercial cleaning isn’t just about getting something clean; it’s about making sure it is done to the clients’ standards and satisfaction.

How will a course benefit my company?

With no regulatory body in place to cover this profession, it is important that buildings and facilities managers can be confident that cleaners are covering all of their obligations, as well as reaching every corner. Whilst on site, it will be the cleaner’s responsibility to ensure that there are no slip risks as well as trailing, or leaking hoses. Even for an eco-friendly cleaner, using no chemicals, a small incident can not only wipe out any profit made on a job but can cost a whole lot more, should they cause an employee or a member of the public to have an accident.

Will a course pay for itself?

Companies ranging from large nationals to sole traders and small businesses can become reliant on skills being passed from one employee to another, but there are genuine benefits in making sure that everyone is working to tried, tested and effective methods. Not only will clients see that they can rely on a cleaning company which can provide a consistently high standard, but they can become part of a marketing strategy that brings in repeat and new business. 

There is no recommendation quite like word-of-mouth. Well cleaned windows are often the first impression a client’s customers will have and the impression should be spotless, in every sense. UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions’ ‘Ultimate’ 1-day window cleaning course can provide your team with precisely the skills required to ensure long-term client satisfaction, retention and, above all, safety.

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