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The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies to Keep Your Work Environment Clean

January 10, 2018 – by Tony Earnshaw

Winter and summer, professional cleaning can make your workplace a healthier and safer place to be.

Keyboards, mice, phones, door furniture and kitchen areas can all harbour bacteria and viruses. This is why businesses can find themselves hit by waves of illness – it only takes one employee harbouring a virus to spread it across the workplace. As others touch equipment, they pick up the virus.

For a business, this can be devastating – several key staff off sick at the same time can mean the business barely functions, or key decisions have to be put on hold.

Also, well-meaning “cleaners” who aren’t professionally trained can actually make things worse. They’re unlikely to understand how cross-contamination occurs, and the appropriate cleaning products for equipment handled by staff. So they may be unwittingly spreading infection.

You could end up with an office or shop that smells nice and looks shiny, but is actually laden with nasties.

Professional cleaning staff are trained in these areas, and work systematically when cleaning, following processes that won’t spread contaminated material around the workplace.

Hazards Hidden Under the Sink

What’s in that cupboard under the sink in the coffee room? With many more parents in the workplace today, half-terms and other holidays often see children being brought to the office for an hour or two, while the parents see to something urgent. If you have non-professional cleaning staff, there could be extremely hazardous materials in the workplace.

At home, parents keep bleach and other dangerous chemicals away from children. But in offices, these may be within reach, and a parent is quite likely to be distracted for a moment. In one office, for example, yellow dishwasher rinse aid stored in a cup was drunk by a child who mistook it for orange juice.

Running a business safely shouldn’t be left to chance and employing cleaning professionals will cut the possibility of finding yourself responsible for someone being harmed at work.

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