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Why You Need to Take a Window Cleaning Course

December 21, 2017 – by Tony Earnshaw

Cleaning contracts and employment opportunities in cleaning are relatively easy to come by and specialist skills make you highly sought after. The number of windows rarely decreases! Some cleaners have both regular salaried work and additional income from work on a self-employed basis. Some undertake contracts for more than one employer – giving them flexibility over their hours and greater long-term security.

Modern Water-Fed Pole Systems

The water-fed pole system of window-cleaning has numerous advantages over the traditional bucket and ladder, especially safety and speed. The equipment is lighter and easier to transport, and can be disassembled when not in use. Often, it’s able to reach windows that are impossible to access from a ladder, such as conservatory roofs, atriums and duplex skylights. Moving from one window to the next is much faster with your feet firmly on the ground, allowing you to greatly increase your productivity, with less effort and fewer risks.

Reverse Osmosis

Understanding the importance of water, and how to treat it, is a vital component of the course. Reverse osmosis is a technology for producing pure water ideal for smear-free and mist-free window cleaning. It employs two or three pre-filters, including activated carbon, to remove chlorine, chemicals and microorganisms, followed by the main membrane and then a deionisation filter. You will need to understand how to use booster pumps, restrictors, and flush valves with your water purification equipment, and how to assess the condition of your water using water hardness maps and diluted solids meters.

Your window cleaning training course will also include instruction in the proper use of appropriate chemical cleaning agents, enabling you to comply with environmental and health and safety principles, whilst always achieving quality workmanship in all conditions.

UK Commercial Cleaning is an accredited safe contractor, delivering a full range of cleaning solutions and training throughout the UK.

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