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Tips for Looking After your Garden

August 23, 2017 – by Tony Earnshaw

Looking after the garden can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. But with these simple, easy garden maintenance tips, your garden will look lovely in no time and give you the motivation to tackle some bigger tasks in the long term.

Give Your Containers a Facelift

If you have a smaller garden or simply enjoy the flexibility of container gardening, then giving your containers a facelift can give the entire garden a quick makeover. Using warm water, a mild detergent and some elbow grease you’ll have your patio display looking better in no time. Deadhead faded blooms and fill in any gaps in your planting with bright annuals like geraniums and pansies for an instant boost of colour.

Top dressing pots can help to extend the life of your plants. Simply scrape away the top 5cms of compost, and with it any weeds, moss and dead leaves. Add new compost and finish with a decorative mulch. Finally, give all your pots a good soaking – invest in a rainwater butt and water in the morning in summer for the best results.

Spruce Up Your Borders

If your borders are looking tired and run down then it’s time for some TLC. Lift and divide any perennials that have become overgrown and be ruthless about getting rid of any plants that have reached their sell by date. Lift the crown of small trees and shrubs by pruning out branches that are touching the ground. Now plant in threes underneath to create colour and structure.

Finally, take the time to weed patios and pathways, mow the lawn and create a crisp clean edge. We just gave you a few garden maintenance tips but if you need a hand with bigger jobs… Then UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions Ltd can provide an entire garden maintenance service, from tree pruning to hedge trimming and everything in between.

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