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Preparing your Gutters for Autumn

September 26, 2017 – by Tony Earnshaw

Preparing Gutters for Autumn | UK Commercial Cleaning

As gutter-clearing time comes round again, hospital A&E units will be prepared for the annual influx of householders who have tried to carry the job out themselves, but have fallen off ladders, sometimes resulting in life-changing injuries.

Professionals Use Safe, Effective Equipment

Even in a two storey house, this is a job that should really be left to professionals. For example, UK Commercial Cleaning operators are trained to use a “gutter vac” – a high pressure suction system that can be used from ground level. It even has a TV monitor, so that you can see that your gutters are clean. Otherwise, you have no idea whether someone has just grabbed a couple of handfuls of gunk, or really done a thorough cleaning job.

Gutter cleaning definitely needs doing though, because blocked gutters can cause water to overflow when autumn’s heavy rains arrive. This can result in brickwork becoming soaked and transferring damp to the interior of the house, with blown plaster and peeling wallpaper the result.

It’s Not Only Leaves That Block Gutters

Many coast dwellers, who may live in areas with few trees, have learned to their cost that it isn’t only leaves that block gutters. Seagulls drop bones and other food debris, and tennis balls are frequently found. Moss can collect in round lumps on roofs during the damp weather. In the summer, it dries out at the base, comes loose and rolls down the roof, blocking the guttering.

The other thing about professional gutter cleaning is that you can get any leaks fixed, and an approved service operator is qualified to test the whole system at the end to make sure it is sound. This enables you to spot any potential problems early, and make a small, inexpensive repair before things get serious. Then you can sit back and listen to the winter rain, knowing your gutters are doing a great job!

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