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Why Removing Your Waste is Important

December 21, 2016 – by Tony Earnshaw

Removing waste properly is very important for a number of reasons. These include protecting the environment and other people from coming into contact with hazardous materials, maintaining a clean and healthy environment where accidents are less likely to occur, and also protecting your company from penalties that might be incurred if waste is disposed of in an unacceptable manner. Laws regarding the disposal of waste are enforced by local authorities and the Environment Agency.

General Waste

All waste can present a hazard if it is allowed to build up and cause an obstruction to workers or the general public. Materials such as timber off cuts and packaging items, although they are not classed as hazardous, can present a risk since they are flammable and need to be regularly cleared away to reduce the risk of fire.

We can remove general waste such as that generated by building operations anywhere in the UK. Both internal and external waste can be disposed of appropriately and we can safely carry out rubbish removal in house clearances or clear land for development nationwide.

Hazardous Waste

The proper removal of hazardous waste encompasses complying with regulations regarding the disposal of chemical waste, clinical waste, toxic waste, pesticides and used batteries. These types of waste need to be safely disposed of by fully trained operatives, which is where we excel. Since we are registered to dispose of both general and hazardous waste, we can undertake waste removal from any location in the UK. Our experienced waste removal teams work nationwide and are able to remove any type of waste properly, thus ensuring that you comply with the relevant legislation.

The professional removal of general or hazardous waste can make your day to day operations much simpler and reduce unwanted stress. Perhaps this is why so many of our clients return time after time. Get in touch today to see the benefits of our waste removal services yourself.

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