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How to Look After Your Garden This Autumn

October 17, 2016 – by Tony Earnshaw


As a nation, we are proud gardeners and renowned for our precision lawns, immaculate flower beds and innovative landscaping.

However, this is the time of year when the changing seasons can wreak havoc on lawns. Identifying the hazards and following some simple garden maintenance rules should re-vitalise your green spaces.

September Sickly Signs

September is the best time to treat your lawn, when the ground is damp and before the frosts come. It is also the time when ailing lawns reveal troubling symptoms.

On closer inspection, you may find that your lawn contains more thatch than green shoots. Thatch is a combination of old stems, dead moss and debris. The problem with thatch of a depth of more than 1cm is that it hinders irrigation and the penetration of fertilisers, and a consequence of poor drainage is weed growth and disease.

Fungal problems are also commonplace in autumn. Fairy rings, red thread, and take-all patch are all caused by fungus.

Evidence of pests is clear in late summer too. Leatherjackets, commonly known as daddy long legs, can cause serious damage to grass roots, while chafer grubs and worm casts also affect the health and appearance of your lawn.

September Solutions

Scarification is the process of raking a lawn, preferably with a spring-tined rake. Careful scarification will remove thatch.

Every two or three years, it’s a good idea to aerate, or spike the grass. Use a hollow- tined fork and space holes at 10 to 15 cm apart. The process of pushing in the fork, then wiggling improves drainage. A top dressing mix of loam, sand and compost should then be applied by raking into the holes. This encourages stronger root growth and thicker turf.

At UK Commercial Cleaning, we know how first impressions matter. With our expertise and professional approach, we aim to help you with your garden maintenance and help you achieve the perfect autumn lawn.

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