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3 Steps to Restoring Your Property After a Flood

May 1, 2015 – by Tony Earnshaw

This time last year the majority of UK was hit by high tides, torrential rain and strong winds, and whilst the weather may be taking a more happier turn 12 months on, there are some properties still affected by the devastation and destruction of floods. After the weather has cleared, it may be difficult to see how life can return back to normal once again, but thanks to our water damage and flood restoration services you can return your property to its former glory.

Read on to find out more about the three steps we use to restore your property after a flood…

Categorise the incident

Identifying the extent of the flood damage is the first and perhaps most defining step. As well as our findings determining the source of water and its quality, it can also help our flood restoration operatives devise the next steps. There are generally three categories of flood water – clean water, grey water and black water.

Clean water isn’t harmful to humans and escapes from broken pipes and appliances, whilst grey water carries some risk due to the presence of micro-organisms. Black water however is water from an unsanitary source, and often involves sewage and other water that contains high levels of contaminants. As well as categorising the water type, other factors are considered to completely risk assess the area, such as whether the issue is the result of a vertical leak or aged penetration.

Understand the risks

Whilst identifying the water quality opens up a whole heap of potential hazards, understanding issues with mould and communicating this to the client is a vital step. Mould growth is one of the main complications following flood or water damage, and without a good understanding of the hazards that go hand-in-hand with this, everyone is at risk of health concerns, including immune system suppression and respiratory problems.

Multi-cleaning can begin

Every project begins with a multi-clean, a process which involves the removal of all unsanitary material and the application of a sanitising treatment. As well as providing multi-cleaning services, we also concentrate on releasing trapped moisture, lowering humidity levels and thoroughly drying out the area with heated dehumidification. After multi-cleaning and any other specialist techniques required are completed, the cleanliness of the area is verified using an ATP test.

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