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When Should You Have Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned?

March 31, 2015 – by Tony Earnshaw

Whatever the size of your commercial or industrial premises, getting the professional help you need to complete regular maintenance is a vital part of ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of your wider premises is up to scratch. The upkeep of your building’s gutters and wider drainage system is no exception, but when exactly should gutter clearance be completed?

Not just a seasonal maintenance must

Whilst gutter clearance is generally heavily promoted during the autumn and winter months when the leaves fall from the trees and the Great British weather takes a turn for the worst, gutter maintenance shouldn’t be restricted to this time of year. Whilst the majority of gutter mishaps do tend to happen during autumn and winter, with the brutality of the weather not helping at all, gutter maintenance should be taken seriously all year round.

Maintenance services are relatively easy to deliver, and our highly trained team have experience using the best technology. The Gutter Vac is just one piece of state-of-the-art equipment that we rely on. Thanks to a set of powered pumps, a high standard of gutter cleanliness can be achieved from ground level and in full safety.

How often should gutters be cleared?

We recommended that gutter cleaning should take place at least twice a year, preferably during autumn and again when the weather starts to warm in spring. The wind, snow and ice that your gutters have been subjected to have lasting consequences though, and you may need additional clearance and emergency repair depending on the weather conditions.

During spring cleaning season, gutter maintenance is a must, not just to amend damage caused in the previous month but to ensure that your gutters can cope with the increased rainfall that April and the following months often bring – they don’t call them April showers for nothing!

Accessing emergency gutter cleaning

It’s not just maintenance that the UK Commercial Cleaning team can be called upon to complete, we also specialise in the completion of emergency works, including repairs. Blocked drains and overflowing or leaking gutters can wreak havoc in buildings of all sizes and uses, and without immediate attention, these relatively small and easy to tackle problems can cause untold and expensive damage.

As the saying goes though ‘prevention is better than cure’, and our gutter cleaning teams carry out comprehensive flood testing during the maintenance process to ensure every system we lay our hands on is secure and free from leaks. If faults are identified, they can be amended to prevent more widespread damage.

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