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Are Your Drains in Need of Repair?

June 26, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

Blocked and damaged drains can cause a real nuisance, especially for commercial and public sector buildings that need to be kept in tip top condition and in working order at all times.

UK Commercial Cleaning provides a 24 hour drain cleaning, repair and unblocking service for customers throughout the UK, so that drain problems can be resolved quickly and you can get back to the business in hand. Utilising high pressure equipment and specialist techniques, we provide an emergency service for all our commercial customers, but how can you determine whether your drains need such as a service?

Here we explore the tell-tale signs that say it’s time to call in the drain cleaning and repair specialists at UK Commercial Cleaning…

Overflowing gutters

It’s not just underground drains that indicate that you have a drainage problem, signs can be observed all over the building to diagnose an issue deeper below the surface. Overflowing gutters and downpipes are a common occurrence when drains are blocked as water gets backed up throughout the system. If gutters are left overflowing and your drainage system remains in disrepair, structural damage can occur over time as water seeps into the building.

Water staining

If your drains are cracked then water entering the soil around your pipes can quickly cause damage within the building itself. On lower ground floors and in basements water staining becomes evident as moisture and sewage from broken drains attempts to penetrate the surface. In more serious cases, this escaping water can cause subsidence as the ground softens and the building sinks.

Pungent odours

When sniffing out a drainage problem using your nose may be all that counts. Raw sewage has a terribly pungent odour that is unmistakable even to those who have never encountered drainage issues before. Foul smells may be an indicator that your drain pipes are cracked or leaking.

Poor water flow

The sinks and toilets in your public sector or commercial building also provide evidence that your drains aren’t behaving as they should be. Slow draining water is a sign that your drain may be blocked; blockages can occur for a number of reasons, mainly due to hair, grease and discarded food.

In the majority of cases plunging or cleaning of the trap will resolve this issue, however as the blockage worsens and get pushed further into the system it may be necessary to call in a professional to tackle the issue head on and restore your drains back to their former glory. Difficulties when flushing the toilet is also an indicator of blockages or pipe deterioration.

For more information on our drain cleaning service please call 0800 032 9533.

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