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How Often Should My Commercial Kitchen Be Deep Cleaned?

May 15, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

Regular deep kitchen cleaning is one of the simplest way that restaurateurs can take control of the cleanliness of their commercial environment and ensure the best possible standards are upheld for their customers. As well as creating a clean and safe environment to prepare and cook food, kitchen deep cleaning also helps you fulfil your legal obligations as a responsible restaurant, pub or hotel owner.

As the UK’s leading commercial cleaner, the UK Commercial Cleaning team regularly assist food businesses with deep kitchen cleaning and work tirelessly to ensure these environments meet our and your exacting standards. But what does a deep clean involve, and how often does your commercial kitchen have to be cleaned?

The Deep Cleaning Process

Deep kitchen cleaning is one of our most popular services and provides a thorough and cost effective way of maintaining the best standards within pubs, hotels and restaurants. The expert techniques used by our team go one step further than the cleaning methods used by in-house staff at the end of every working day.

Deep cleans leave every aspect of a commercial kitchen in an almost new state, and canopies, extractor fans and their filters, ovens, floors, grills, surfaces and fryers all receive the five star treatment. Using specialist equipment and techniques, all appliances and work surfaces undergo vigorous cleaning leaving them germ-free and complying to the latest health and safety regulations. From the out of sight components of cookers to the seals on fridge doors, no place is too difficult to reach during a kitchen deep clean.

When Should I Schedule a Kitchen Deep Clean?

By law, every commercial kitchen must be professionally cleaned every six months, and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that all outlets must have a cleaning protocol in place to ensure cleanliness is up to standard at all times.

As well as this bi-annual clean, it is recommended that you complete kitchen deep cleans on a one-off and regular basis for ultimate peace of mind. One-off cleans can be scheduled at any time, and are popular if a chef or business owner is taking over a new kitchen, a kitchen has been through a period of disuse or the kitchen has been intensively used.

How to Choose a Deep Kitchen Cleaning Contractor

Choosing a commercial cleaning contractor to complete your kitchen deep cleans to the highest possible standard can be tricky. Look for a proven track record within the industry and don’t be afraid to ask for references. Choosing a contractor that takes a structured approach to deep cleaning is also advisable, for example, we provide certification after every clean, which can be used for insurance purposes.

To find out more about our deep kitchen cleaning service, click here.

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