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How Can an Industrial Cleaning Service Help Me?

May 8, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

Industrial premises require a higher level of cleaning than the average office space or commercial environment, and enlisting a cleaning contractor like UK Commercial Cleaning will provide you with the assistance you need to maintain a safe and clean working environment for you and your employees. We have compiled an essential guide to industrial cleaning so you have the advice you need to approach a professional cleaning service with confidence.

What Sectors Use Industrial Cleaning Services?

As the UK’s leading commercial cleaning outfit, we assist a number of businesses across the UK, and all our technicians are specially trained to use the latest techniques and equipment for industrial cleaning. The food processing, pharmaceutical, printing, automotive, metal and warehousing sectors could all benefit from hiring an industrial cleaning professional who has the expertise to maintain an excellent level of cleanliness and safety.

Hospitals and private healthcare facilities are also an important part of our clientele, and we ensure the highest standards are upheld and the health and well-being of patients and visitors is protected.

What Does Industrial Cleaning Involve?

The industrial cleaning services we offer at UK Commercial Cleaning cover all aspects of the industrial environment, and our packages can be adapted to suit your exact business needs.

Full structural cleans ensure every nook and cranny is spotless, and operatives use a range of specialist processes and equipment to achieve cleanliness on a regular or one-off basis. For industrial buildings in particular, ventilation cleans are of utmost importance as many facilities in the warehousing, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors operate in closed environments. A clogged up ventilation system can be a real nightmare and can even affect the health and well-being of employees.

High level cleans are also an essential part of the service, and our operatives can work at height to fulfil your requirements.

How Often Should My Industrial Premises Be Cleaned?

The frequency of industrial cleaning depends entirely on the type of building and structure your industrial business resides in. One-off cleans provide a thorough solution for industrial premises that have fell into disuse or have been overused in previous months, whilst regular industrial cleaning contracts ensure your daily or weekly cleanliness is effectively maintained.

As a responsible business or building owner, it is your duty to maintain the standard of your premises, and the UKCC team are on hand to meet and exceed your expectations with our professional cleaning services.

Please visit our Industrial Cleaning section to find out more about our specialist services and how our team can help.

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