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Managing Pest Control In The Summer Months

June 23, 2016 – by Tony Earnshaw


pestcontrolThe long, lazy days of summer have finally arrived – but you may find yourself unable to enjoy them because of all the summer pests who make an appearance with the nicer weather. Here’s some advice on dealing with two of the most common problems.

Problems with Gulls

Early to mid summer is the key breeding time for gulls. They have young ones in their nests and this makes them much bolder and more aggressive when it comes to stealing food and tackling the things they perceive to be a threat. They become particularly problematic when they move into inland cities, where our takeaway food litter supplies them with easy meals.

It’s illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to kill gulls. However, you can make roof less handy as a nesting site by covering chimney stacks with mesh during the winter months. Make sure that chimneys have cowls, or you may find a nest inside your chimney where they are difficult to remove due to their size and inaccessibility. Remove food litter and make sure refuse is contained in plastic bins, as both gulls and foxes will rip open black plastic bags.

Wasps’ Nests

Wasps can ruin your planned lunch in the garden, or cause chaos if they invade a workplace. If you see more than two or three at a time, there may be a nest nearby. These tend to be in inaccessible areas, such as beneath bushes or under the eaves, and they need to be treated with a specialised insecticide – use the wrong one and you may do nothing more than annoy the wasps, and increase your risk of getting stung.

At UK Commercial Cleaning it’s easier and safer to call us, we have lots of experience when dealing with pests. We’ll be able to deal with the immediate problem rapidly and safely, and advise you on how to maintain your garden or property to prevent the problem recurring.

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