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Promoting Health and Safety in Your Industrial Environment

September 19, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

Regardless of which sector your industrial business belongs to, the health, safety and welfare of staff, visitors and the general public will be number one on your company’s list of priorities, but how can you ensure that your organisation is doing all it can to promote good health and safety?

As the UK’s leading providers of industry cleaning services, the UK Commercial Cleaning team have a wealth of expertise in this particular field and in turn, offer an extensive list of services to ensure industrial building owners have the advice and support they need to deliver high standards and safety. Take a look at how you can promote enhanced health and safety in your industrial environment to make sure your business can run as smoothly and as safely as possible…

Assess and Control Risks

Risk management is a vital part of being a responsible industrial business owner, and every UK workplace must assess and control risks to comply with the latest health and safety regulations. Risk assessments should be completed on a regular basis, and all risks must be identified, evaluated, recorded and reviewed.

Prevent slips and trips

Whilst slips and trips occur for a number of reasons, there are a selection of precautions that you can take as an employer or industrial building owner to minimise these and promote health and safety company-wide. Keeping walkways clear and suitable for use is just one area that slips and trips can be prevented, whilst highlighting hazards such as wet or damaged floors with appropriate signage will ensure incidents like these are kept to the bare minimum.

Maintain a clean working environment

Industrial environments don’t generally offer the most pristine setting to work in but without the right maintenance and cleaning these can quickly become a danger to your workforce and the public. Our industrial cleaning services offer organisations from all sectors the chance to enhance health and safety throughout their premises as well as boost the aesthetic appearance of their building for visiting customers and clients.

Regular industrial cleaning is always recommended whilst our one-off packages provide the deep cleans companies need to remain compliant with the latest health and safety laws. Industrial cleaning in food processing plants and hospitals is particularly important as their services and products could be affected dramatically without the right care and attention provided by a professional cleaning outfit.

We offer a number of regular and one-off industrial cleaning services, to find out more please contact our team on 0800 032 9533 or visit our Industrial Cleaning page for further details.

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