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Your Guide to UK Commercial Cleaning’s Industrial Cleaning Services

September 4, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

As well as delivering high levels of cleanliness in commercial properties, our specialist team also work in industrial environments to ensure organisations of all sizes are maintained to the highest standards and safe for staff members, customers and clients.

The UK Commercial Cleaning team offer a variety of specialist services for industrial sectors and over the years we have worked with numerous organisations, including companies within the food processing, pharmaceutical, polymer, printing, automotive, metal, warehousing and health care industries. Making your industrial environment fully compliant with the latest UK health and safety legislation is as important to us as it is to you and the following services ensure your premises is safe for employees and visitors alike without impacting on your wider company’s productivity.

Floor cleaning and sanitation

Our floor cleaning and sanitation services are just one part of the package offered to industrial clients throughout the UK. Factory floors, refuse points, public areas and general work surfaces can quickly become worn, dirty and unsafe but our regular and intensive floor cleaning services ensure every area of your industrial premises is returned to a near new, usable and safe condition.

We don’t use off-the-shelf cleaning products or equipment, instead we pride ourselves on utilising the ‘technology of tomorrow’ as a combination of heat, water pressure, detergents and vacuuming guarantees a deep cleanse every time. Using these expert techniques, which have been specially designed for industrial environments, our operatives cut through stubborn grease, dirt and soil build-ups.

High pressure steam cleaning

Industrial environments are made to be tough and as a result the level of dirt and grease deposits can be even tougher to remove. Our high pressure jetting system ensures any industrial surface can be returned to its former glory.

The high pressure system uses a series of jets, each of which is controlled by a fully trained commercial cleaning operative, these jets can remove the most stubborn deposits, even those that have accumulated over time such as the build-ups found in drains and sewers. Our high pressure jetting system even removes silt and other debris to clear the blockages that make your systems ineffective.

UKCC industrial cleaning services

In addition to the services detailed above, we offer a wide range of cleaning packages to industrial environments. Our operatives are specially trained to take on any industrial cleaning job and use the latest techniques, products and equipment to deliver high standards time and time again. To find out more about our industrial cleaning services, please contact our team on 0800 032 9533 or info@uk-cc.co.uk.

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