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What Services Can UK Commercial Cleaning Deliver to Commercial Kitchens?

August 22, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

Here at UK Commercial Cleaning, we assist a number of industries throughout the UK and as the country’s one stop commercial cleaning shop, we have helped hospitals, schools, care homes, offices and the building industry achieve unrivalled cleanliness in their working environments. One industry that we do have particular prevalence in is the hotel and restaurant sector, and our extensive range of services ensure commercial kitchens everywhere scrub up to the highest standards.

Our time-served and fully trained staff are on hand to assist kitchens of all sizes, and should you be looking for a commercial cleaning contractor to enhance the cleanliness of your facility, look no further than UK Commercial Cleaning. Here are a small selection of services that we can offer, each of which ensures your customers remain safe and satisfied.

Professional Deep Cleaning
Ensuring the kitchen of your hotel, pub or restaurant is up to scratch is not only important for the safety of your customers and the reputation of your business but it is also a legal requirement. By law your kitchen must be deep cleaned every six months, and whilst daily cleaning by staff following service may take care of the basics, deep cleaning will ensure your commercial kitchen is cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom.

Our professional deep cleaning packages focus on every aspect of your kitchen, steam cleaning ovens, deep fat fryers, tiles, floors, grills, fridges and other appliances. Your work surfaces are also given the works and these are cleaned to ensure a germ free, fresh smelling and legally compliant result.

Specialist duct cleaning

In addition to deep commercial kitchen cleaning, our operatives deliver specialist duct cleaning to ensure your kitchen is cleaned and maintained professionally. Ducts are by far the biggest danger in a commercial kitchen and without the right maintenance, the risk of fire is dramatically increased. In fact, there have been a number of cases where insurers have refused to pay after a fire has been caused by a poorly maintained duct.

Our expert duct cleaning services ensure this fire risk is kept to a minimum and that should the worse happen your insurer will cover you as grease deposit measurements, photographic evidence and certification is provided following every clean.

Expert Oven Cleaning
The cleanliness of your ovens can not only impact on the wider safety of your commercial kitchen but also the quality of food delivered to your customers. Our oven cleaning services are just one part of the package we offer to our commercial clients, and we deliver this to promote high standards of hygiene in any kitchen environment.

To find out more about the commercial kitchen cleaning services we deliver, please call our team today on 0800 032 9533.

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