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Why Should I Enlist Pest Controllers at My Commercial Property?

August 7, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

At some stage or another every property has been plighted with their own pest control issues and as rats, mice, crawling insects and other problem pests run amok, more and more professionals are looking to pest control experts for help in managing their properties and restoring cleanliness once more.

There are many reasons why you should consider enlisting a pest control specialist for support, and here we explore the top 5…

1. Safety for your staff and customers

Many pests present a health hazard to everyone who works or visits your commercial or industrial premises, and it is up to you as a business owner or occupier to ensure your property complies with the latest health and safety guidelines. Maintaining a pest-free property is easy with the right help, and we provide a range of specialist services for clients that currently have a pest control problem or whose premises are at risk of infestation.

2. Keep your doors open

An infestation can be devastating to any business, especially those in the food industry. Keeping your property free from pests can lead to business closure particularly for hotels and restaurants that need to maintain safe conditions to deliver a safe service to their customers. Pest infestations can also dramatically damage your company’s reputation and associated unsafe conditions will deter potential customers from utilising your service or buying your products.

Make sure your business and its reputation remains intact by seeking help and advice from a pest control expert at UKCCS. Using our 24 hour service and detailed risk assessment, you can ensure that the health and safety of your commercial or industrial premises is at the top of your list of priorities.

3. Minimise costs for your business

Employing a pest control professional during the early stages of infestation or as a preventative measure can ensure the amount you spend on tackling future pest control issues is kept to a minimum. Many companies opt to enlist a pest control service on a regular basis rather than on a one-off basis to keep costs low all year round and keep pesky pests at bay.

4. Adopt a personalised plan for your property

As well as keeping costs low, seeking regular assistance from a pest control service also ensures you utilise a personalised prevention plan for your property’s needs. Using risk assessments, the UKCCS team ensure you have the information you need to maintain a pest-free premises for years to come and this plan can be adapted as your business’ needs change.

5. Be proactive

Being proactive and not reactive in your battle against pests is the key to keeping issues under control at your commercial or industrial premises. By enlisting our dedicated pest control service, you can ensure your premises is maintained to the highest standards.

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