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How to Maintain the Grounds of Your Commercial Property

July 24, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

With summer chomping at our heels, gardens everywhere are quickly springing to life and weeds are returning in full force. For commercial and industrial properties in particular, maintaining a well-kept garden all year round is a defining part of presenting your organisation professionally – after all first impressions do count.

Here at UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions, we provide a range of garden maintenance and grounds maintenance packages for commercial and industrial clients from all sectors. Our specialist teams ensure you put your best face forward to visiting customers thanks to our reliable, cost efficient and fixed rate services.

Here we pass on some of our knowledge to ensure you can maintain the gardens and grounds of your premises appropriately.

Keep it trim

Plants and other foliage can quickly get out of control, in fact reining in troublesome plants can be a yearlong battle. Keep plants, foliage and shrubs in line with regular trimming and rake away any clippings to keep your commercial or industrial exterior beautiful from spring to winter. Regular trimming also keeps plants, shrubs and trees in tip top condition as removing tips encourages new growth.

Rid your grounds of troublesome weeds

Weeds are the bugbear of all gardeners and keeping these at bay, especially during the growing season, can be quite an ordeal. A garden filled with weeds is unattractive and unpleasant to look at, and will quickly lead to an unkempt appearance. Remove weeds as they begin to flourish and seed, and keep them from reappearing with regular weed control treatment.

Maintaining your lawn

For organisations bordered by lawns, keeping these lush, green and presentable can be difficult without the right know-how. Many amateur gardeners tend to keep lawns as short as possible to minimise the need for cutting throughout the season, however, mowing high and often ensures your lawn stays in excellent condition.

Lawn care does vary from season to season, and regular garden maintenance is required to keep your lawn healthy and presentable all year. During spring, it is essential that you prepare for your new and improved lawn by sowing seeds, whilst in summer this should be maintained with regular watering, mowing and fertilising. In autumn your lawn should be mowed regularly and any dead moss removed.

Enlist a professional

We know it’s not possible for busy business owners to get gardening at their own commercial or industrial premises, our one-off or regular garden and grounds maintenance services ensure you can present your business professionally from season to season.

To find out more about our garden and grounds maintenance services, speak to a member of our team today!

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