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What to Expect from Your Duct and Oven Cleaning Service

July 10, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

Commercial and industrial kitchens throughout the UK need everyday maintenance and a bi-annual deep clean to go above and beyond the latest food hygiene and safety standards. Industrial oven cleaning and duct cleaning is an essential part of this recipe for success and the professionals at UK Commercial Cleaning offer a bespoke approach to maintaining this essential piece of kit.

Without the correct maintenance and cleaning the oven and its extraction canopy and ducts can quickly turn from helpful appliance to germ breeding ground, putting your customers and staff at risk. So how can duct and oven cleaning help and what can you expect from our specialist service?

What does industrial oven cleaning entail?

Using specialist techniques and industry grade equipment, oven and duct cleaning ensures that all fibrous build-ups and grease deposits within the appliance are fully removed. These build-ups occur in every kitchen over time, however, keeping on top of their removal ensures you can maintain a clean working environment.

The UK Commercial Cleaning team use tried, tested and approved procedures to remove even baked on and carbonised build-ups to effectively minimise health hazards within your commercial or industrial kitchen. We also pay special attention to the oven’s ducts and extractor hood system to provide a thorough clean that simply cannot be achieved without the right expertise or equipment.

Why is industrial duct and oven cleaning so important?

As well as eliminating health hazards and safeguarding your customers and staff, regular duct cleaning and oven cleaning can also protect your business against fire. Deposits and build-ups within essential appliances like the oven are common causes of fire, and without regular oven and duct cleaning your buildings insurance may be deemed invalid. Furthermore if your buildings insurance is invalid, your insurer will refuse to pay out in the event of a fire leaving your business and livelihood at risk.

Unkempt ovens, ducts and extractor hoods are a major fire risk so make sure your business and future are protected with regular duct and oven cleaning.

How can UK Commercial Cleaning help

As the UK’s leading provider of specialist duct and oven cleaning, UK Commercial Cleaning assists a variety of businesses with one-off and regular cleans. Our oven and duct cleaning service operates in accordance with BESA TR/19 standards to provide unrivalled cleanliness in your industrial kitchen.

After every clean we also provide certification complete with grease deposit measurements before and after the clean, and photographic evidence. This documentation can then be used for insurance purposes to prove that you have complied with warranties and buildings insurance policies.

Please contact us today on 0800 032 9533 or request a free call back to discover what our professional duct and oven cleaning service can do for you!

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