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I own a restaurant…do I need kitchen deep cleaning?

January 20, 2014 – by Tony Earnshaw

Ensuring the facilities at your restaurant, bar or café are maintained to the highest of standards is vital and essentially maintains health and safety for both staff member and patrons. The importance of kitchen deep cleaning to your restaurant is undeniable and must be completed on a regular basis by a qualified professional, who can evidently reach places that your staff members may not.

Every facility in your restaurant, from the kitchen area to the dining room must undergo regular cleaning as well as a quarterly or bi-annual deep clean to ensure safe handling and food preparation. Deep cleaning in the kitchen area is one of the most important services provided by commercial cleaners as well as one of the most integral parts of your restaurant business.

Through day-to-day activity surfaces and equipment becomes exposed to various contaminants and everything, from staff members working in all parts of the restaurant to the preparation of uncooked food, contributes to this contamination process.

Food safety within the kitchen area is of utmost importance and services like professional oven cleaning provide the thorough handling and sanitation of appliances to ensure all areas of the kitchen are maintained to the high standards required by law. Unfortunately, the everyday cleaning completed by staff doesn’t always clean sufficiently but by hiring UK Commercial Cleaning to undertake deep cleaning you can achieve ultimate peace of mind for your business.

Kitchen deep cleaning is a complex service and can be enlisted quarterly, bi-annually, annually or on a one-off basis depending on your particular needs. The deep cleaning process requires specialist equipment and skills to complete and UK Commercial cleaning will often prove to be the most cost effective route to a spotlessly clean commercial kitchen.

Oven cleaning is just one service that we’ve mentioned, however deep cleaning, services a commercial kitchen from top to bottom, paying attention to every nook and cranny to achieve unrivalled kitchen cleanliness. Extractor hoods, hobs, oven doors, deep fat fryers and dishwashers are all cleaned with a fine tooth comb to ensure kitchen safety is maintained in accordance to environmental health regulations.

Deep cleaning commercial kitchens is actually mandatory for restaurants, cafes and bars within the UK and by law this process must be completed once every six months. Ensure the kitchen of your restaurant complies with the latest regulations and is maintained to the highest level of cleanliness to safeguard your success and the safety of your staff and patrons. Call UK Commercial Cleaning today to arrange a free quote.

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