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Cleaning Sanitation for all Businesses

February 18, 2021 – by Tony Earnshaw

Ensuring that your commercial property is sanitised to a high standard has, of course, always been important, but now more than ever, areas including, factory floors, bins and recreation spaces, both public, and private must be clean and safe.

It is of equal importance to commit to caring for our environment whilst achieving these high levels of cleanliness. At UK Commercial Cleaning we have worked hard to ensure this through the development of our own market-leading technologies and cleaning products.

Industrial Floor and Sanitation Cleaning

It has long been accepted that it is almost impossible to achieve a thoroughly clean floor or surface using traditional cleaning methods such as mopping, and off the shelf products, which typically only work well when a surface is new. This is because dirt is simply being moved around and along a grout line, rather than removed entirely.

Using only these methods over a sustained period of time is likely to lead to the build-up of dirt and mould and the area begins to look old and worn. The surface in question eventually either has to be totally replaced, or lived with as is. However, we have developed a unique way of combining heat, water pressure, our own detergents and vacuum to guarantee a deep clean with all debris completely removed. This means not only a higher level of sanitation day to day, but also a reduction in costs longer-term as fewer surfaces need to be replaced.

Once an area has been thoroughly cleaned using this method, we can also treat the surface with a colour sealant or transparent sealant. The clear sealing is a breathable coating that not only seals the surface, protecting it from spillages and debris, but also impregnates it. This is suitable for natural materials such as limestone, sandstone, travertine, and slate.

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