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Just Why is Kitchen Extractor Fan Cleaning So Important?

January 21, 2020 – by Tony Earnshaw

Keeping the home hazard-free is essential to ensure the family is safe, so regular cleaning of the extractor system in the kitchen should be carried out. Similarly in a restaurant, the equipment should be routinely cleaned to prevent the risk of fire breaking out as the result of a build-up of grime or grease.

The accumulation of grease inside the system and on the surfaces presents a major hazard and it only takes one spark for it to ignite. Patches of grease can often go unnoticed and in some cases, it requires only heat to burst into flames. This form of spontaneous combustion can and does occur. In this scenario, not even a spark is required for it to ignite, causing major damage or even loss of life.

In fact, a fire started by a build-up of kitchen grease is one of the most commonly reported causes of fire in restaurants. A blaze can cause severe damage to the café or restaurant, resulting in substantial repair costs and insurance claims, not to mention the associated reputational damage.

A Dirty Extractor Hood Breeds Bacteria

A dirty extractor system in a restaurant, café or other establishment serving food, is the perfect breeding ground for germs and stubborn bacteria. This is a severe environmental hazard. If management fails to carry out regular cleaning, this could invalidate the premises’ insurance and may also be a breach of the local authority’s environmental health laws.

When to Call in the Professionals

Professionals such as the team here at UK Commercial Cleaning can provide a service to thoroughly clean your kitchen extractor fan. Our expert cleaners are fully trained and widely experienced in all aspects of the industry. They can carry out a thorough inspection and clean to ensure that your home or restaurant equipment is safe to use and that it complies fully with the relevant legislation.

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