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How to Clean your Conservatory Roof the Right Way

August 20, 2019 – by Tony Earnshaw

A glass conservatory can add style and value to your property. But it will only look its best and allow natural light to flood into your home if you keep it properly cleaned.

Safety is paramount when tackling this kind of job as you won’t be able to use a ladder with a glass surface. Instead, you’ll need to use a pole system which allows you to work safely from the ground or a stepladder and tackle dirt and grime with ease.

Manual or Water-Fed?

There are two approaches to cleaning a glass conservatory roof, both involving a telescopic pole which allows you to reach difficult to clean places. When working with a manual pole, you’ll need to repeatedly dip the brush in a bucket of water and replace the water when dirty.

The water-fed pole has revolutionised glass roof cleaning. In this approach, water is continually pumped to the brush, allowing you to thoroughly clean the glass and let it air dry. Using the manual approach, you’ll need to continually squeegee the glass until dry for the best results which can be awkward and time-consuming.

Any cleaning products used should be specifically for glass. Using warm soapy filtered water and a soft cloth or brush gives the best results, and you can add half a cup of white vinegar to the water for extra shine. Finally, never clean at midday when the sun is at its highest as your glass may dry too quickly leaving streaks and water marks.

Ask the Experts

To really get the best out of your conservatory, you need to keep the glass clean. At UK Commercial Cleaning, we can tackle all your household cleaning jobs including glass conservatory roofs. We recommend that conservatory glass is cleaned every four months and we have the professional cleaning products and equipment that will ensure that your roof will sparkle year-round.

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