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Looking After Your Garden During a Heatwave

July 17, 2018 – by Tony Earnshaw

It is not only people that get hot and tired in the sunshine – your garden may also display signs of being over-heated! Most flowers and vegetables benefit from a sunny climate; however, with the best will in the world, everything will start to wilt if you are not careful and do not know what the priorities should be in this weather – here are some handy hints:

Watering & Mulches

  • In terms of watering, the timing is of the essence. If there is a hosepipe ban, you will have to be especially careful. Stick to watering plants that really need it – those in pots, and vegetables and fruit bushes that are more likely to dry out. The best time to water is early in the morning before it gets hot; the second best choice is late afternoon.
  • Use a mulch to prevent the growth of weeds and retain moisture.
  • Weeding may seem like a hot job, but it will help your plants to survive.
  • Keeping your grass about half an inch taller than usual helps it to retain moisture.

Other Maintenance Tasks

  • Don’t prune excessively – the summer is not the time to do this. Concentrate on cutting away dead and decaying material. You can still pick the fruit, of course.
  • It is possible to provide a sunscreen for plants. Try using an old bed sheet or curtains suspended from poles to protect the most vulnerable plants.
  • Move plants to the shade. If you have plants in pots, this is really straightforward. If you have seedlings to plant out, move them to a shadier area and huddle them together, which will increase the humidity. Put the most delicate plants in the centre.
  • Don’t choose now to do a big dig or move a lot of soil around.


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