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Pest Control Tips for the Summer

May 21, 2018 – by Tony Earnshaw

Pests can cause many different problems for your business, including health and safety hazards, damage to or loss of stock and damage to your reputation. This is what makes pest control so vital, but it is also important to ensure you choose a company that will deal with any infestation in a professional, ethical and discreet manner. Different pests pose different risks and need to be controlled promptly.


The numbers of clothes moths begin to reduce in early summer, but other insects become increasingly evident. Cockroaches, ants and house flies can all cause problems. It is important to ensure that food debris and rubbish is removed promptly so that they are not encouraged to stay around.

When wasps start to appear, it is important to deal with any nests before they become well established. If the nests are left, then the risk of stings may disrupt your business. Although not usually regarded in the same light, bees can cause similar problems to those posed by wasps.

In warmer weather your carpets are at risk of infestation by mites or fleas from animals, and these pests may also need to be controlled to avoid them biting or irritating visitors or staff.

Birds & Rodents

Birds such as pigeons can carry diseases and their droppings can make your establishment look dirty and uninviting, so you need to ensure that they are controlled and do not deter visitors from coming into your establishment.

Rodents are also a concern from a health and safety point of view because they can spread diseases and cause physical damage to the fabric of your building. Nesting rats and mice will use almost any material and, particularly in catering or residential businesses, can have a devastating effect on your reputation so it is important that they are dealt with promptly.

UK Commercial Cleaning provides a full range of pest control services and will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours!

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