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Cleaning Vacant Homes with Void Cleaning Services

July 28, 2017 – by Tony Earnshaw

Void cleaning – also known as post tenancy cleaning – is a service that is carried out at the end of a tenancy agreement in both domestic and commercial settings. Regardless of whether or not your tenants have been responsible and tidy, a void cleaning service can restore any home, office or property back to a fresh and presentable standard ready for its next inhabitants.

In commercial spaces it is particularly important to maintain a good level of cleanliness and hygiene, as this can directly impact on the health and productivity of the staff working in there. A dull, drab and dirty office will leave staff demotivated and can even be a health risk, as germs are known to circulate in confined spaces that are full of people. A commercial void cleaning service will dust, hoover, polish and disinfect all surfaces, leaving them sparkling and inviting.

What’s Involved

A void cleaning service will also tackle toilet areas and kitchen areas which will be well used by tenants past and present. Expect cupboards to be cleared out and cleaned, hobs and surfaces to be scrubbed and floors to be mopped. Some commercial void cleaning surfaces will also carry out minor repairs should they be necessary. Any leftover waste will be removed and disposed of. Commercial void cleaners are usually CRB checked and trained to a high standard to ensure good results. They wear fully protective, appropriate clothing and uniforms.

Why Bother?

Although some firms may think the cost of hiring void cleaning services in a commercial setting outweights the benefits, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your workplace will become a base for your staff and their health and wellbeing is paramount. Providing them with clean and tidy surroundings with no remnants left behind from the previous occupants is a simple touch that sets the right tone.

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