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The Importance of Regular Extractor Hood Cleaning

February 22, 2017 – by Tony Earnshaw

A recent fire accident at a leading restaurant in Coventry city centre brings to light the significance of regular extractor hood cleaning. The morning of January 16, 2017, turned into a nightmare for Bayley Lane Kitchen. The team had to battle a severe fire that broke out before 8am at the restaurant. The fire started at the restaurant’s kitchen and soon spread to other floors of the restaurant, and even to the premises of another office in the same building.

The reason for the fire – the extraction unit in the restaurant’s kitchen located on the ground floor.

A team of 25 firefighters from West Midlands Fire Service put an end to the blaze and controlled its spread to other parts of the building. There was fire damage in 10% portion of the building.

All building floors suffered damage due to smoke. Regular extractor hood cleaning by a professional service could have prevented this crisis. Bayley Lane Kitchen was lucky as there was no loss of precious lives. But, you cannot always depend on chance when people’s lives could be at risk.

Why Clean Extractor Hoods?

Extractor hoods work to remove steam, smoke, and smells, from kitchens. As a result, hoods can become dirty. Cleaning hoods periodically is important to:

  • Prevent clogging of the extractor by grease, fumes and other cooking outcomes. Clogging restricts airflow, which can lead to the fan getting overheated. This can cause fire hazards.
  • Lengthen the life of the extractor hood.

Why Use a Professional Cleaning Service?

Because experts know the best. Depending on the type of extractor hoods (e.g. flat, chimney-style, etc.), an appropriate cleaning method needs to be used. Right cleaning solutions need to be used to remove stubborn stains without damaging equipment. Professional extractor hood cleaning services come with the technical know-how and the equipment essential to clean your hoods efficiently.

Why Choose UK Commercial Cleaning?

At UK Commercial Cleaning, we offer high quality cleaning solutions for all commercial and industrial facilities across UK. We follow ISO-9001 management practices, and are accredited by B&ES (TR19), CHAS and safe-contractor.

Contact UK Commercial Cleaning at 0800 032 9533 for reliable and efficient extractor hood cleaning.

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