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Be Prepared with our Winter Supplies

January 23, 2017 – by Tony Earnshaw

Winter brings its own challenges. Dark mornings and nights, cold and wet weather, and the possibility of ice and snow can all be problems to the business owner, potentially disrupting both staffing levels and customer visits.

Thankfully here at UK Commercial Cleaning we have a range of winter supplies which will help you prepare for the worst and cope with it when it comes. We can provide everything from fuel for your fires to salt spreaders, to help you keep your premises ice-free.

Salt it

Most businesses use our winter supplies for a reliable supply of salt or grit to help them keep the land surrounding their premises free from ice and snow. Maintaining your car park and business entrance, ensuring they can be used even if the worst weather arrives, is essential for every company.

Our rock salt or grit comes in a variety of bag sizes to suit every business, big or small, and we can also provide you with an efficient grit or salt spreader to make the job of distributing it much easier.

To ensure you have access to grit at all times, we also sell industrial grit bins which will store a large amount of salt or grit ready for when you need it. These strong bins are made of tough plastic, and are weather-proof, so your grit will not get damp even in the worst of weather. In order to keep them accessible, their lids are sloped to allow rain and snow to run off.

Scoop it

In case we have a snowy spell this year, we also sell snow scoops which can be used to quickly remove ice and snow from paths and car parks. Made from a strong plastic, they have wooden handles for durability.

And in case we’re in for a cold spell, we can also supply a wide range of logs and kindling, as well as smokeless fuel to help you and your clients stay warm.

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