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Planning Head: Gutter Cleaning

November 23, 2016 – by Tony Earnshaw

Workman Clearing Autumn Leaves from Gutter

As we head into autumn and the leaves fall from the trees, it’s wise to get gutter cleaning. It’s a job that’s easy to put off and can be costly if you do, but there are some very good reasons to keep your gutters clean.

Why are Gutters Important?

Gutters have one simple job and, when they’re maintained, they do it well. They carry rainwater and snow melt from your roof down the drainpipe and as far away from the foundations as possible.

If that doesn’t happen, water can damage the structural integrity of your home, seeping in wherever it can and causing damp and mould. Left unchecked, damp can be bad for your health and cost you a fortune in redecoration and repairs.

If the water is allowed to stagnate in old metal guttering because the gutters are blocked, it can lead to corrosion damage, meaning your gutters are inefficient and will need replacing. Checking your gutters for any corrosion damage and blockages now can save you a fortune later.

Why do I Need to Keep my Gutters Clean?

If you have a flat roof on your property, it’s essential to keep the gutters clear as water dispersal is slower than with pitched ones. Clean gutters will prevent damage and flooding.

Do you have icicles hanging from your roof in winter? They may look pretty but they’re a sure sign your gutters are blocked and water is backing up onto your roof tiles. Those lovely icicles are actually causing damage to your roof tiles, leading to costly leaks and roof repairs.

So plan ahead and get gutter cleaning. If it’s not a job you feel confident in tackling, call in the professionals – UK Commercial Cleaning offer solutions for gutter cleaning jobs, to keep your property well maintained and looking its best.

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