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Outsource Your Cleaning

April 8, 2016 – by Tony Earnshaw

It used to be the norm for larger companies to employ their own cleaning staff, who were on the payroll and dealt with all in-house tasks. These staff had to be trained and managed, supplies to be purchased, and equipment had to be insured, maintained and stored on the premises; however, times have been changed and many companies are choosing to outsource these services to commercial cleaning companies.


It may be that companies simply need an occasional or one-off clean, perhaps after an event, to supplement their normal cleaning activities; alternatively, they may need specialist equipment, skills and experienced staff to assist in the event of a disaster, such as cleaning up after a fire or a flood.

Specialist commercial cleaning services can usually provide a package tailored to suit individual company needs. This can be on a daily basis or less frequently, depending on the requirements of the individual client.


Some specialist cleaning services go above and beyond the duties of in-house cleaners, such as external building cleaning, gardening services, window cleaning, guttering services, handyman services, steam cleaning and pest control services.

Other cleaning services include the removal of hazardous waste, security services, the removal of graffiti, and the particularly specialist trauma scene or crime scene cleaning. Their staff are well trained, professional and experienced, and all work is covered by insurance for the client’s peace of mind.

Such services may also be able to provide janitorial supplies for use between visits.

All in all, commercial specialist cleaning companies can take over the management of all aspects of hygiene and cleanliness from their clients, allowing them to focus on the running of their business.
Companies such as UK Commercial Cleaning are very professional and provide consistent high-quality cleaning services, often going far beyond the services companies could provide cost effectively in-house.

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