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An Introduction to Our New Drain Down Cover

August 18, 2015 – by Tony Earnshaw

Blocked drains are a major issue for properties of all shapes and sizes, and without the right professional assistance, required repair work and regular maintenance, you may quickly find that the costs spiral far beyond the small price of annual gutter cleaning. As a leading commercial cleaning company, we have assisted businesses across numerous industry sectors with a long list of high quality services since our inception, but we’re here to lend a hand to householders throughout the UK with our new Drain Down Cover.

The importance of drain and gutter cleaning

Whether your gutters are made from cast iron, plastic or pressed steel, the importance of regular drain and gutter cleaning is undeniable. Whilst it may seem an insignificant part of your property, without the right management or maintenance gutters and drains can quickly fall into disrepair and cause other, more expensive to fix issues.

Without the necessary attention and care, clogged gutters and blocked drains can cause leaking basements, cracked foundations, rotten wood and sagging driveways. Lack of cleaning can also lead to pest control issues, with unwanted plants, birds, insects and animals finding a new home in gutter debris. Regular maintenance is an important way of protecting one of your most valuable assets, your home, and with our new Drain Down Cover you can do just that in a cost effective and convenient manner.

What can you expect from our new service?

Available for one to six bedroom properties and multi-storey homes, Drain Down Cover allows householders, landlords and housing associations to take advantage of a comprehensive range of drain and gutter services under a pay monthly package.

For just £5.99 per month per household, you can enjoy…

  • Professional drain and gutter cleaning
  • Down pipe flush and clean
  • Unlimited FREE callouts all year round
  • FREE flood test
  • Full survey upon completion
  • 25% off CCTV and gutter repairs.

Whether you are a householder wishing to take care of your own property, a landlord wanting to keep tenants happy or a housing association looking to improve the management and maintenance of its housing stock, our Drain Down Cover is the perfect option for you.

Sign up for Drain Down Cover today

Signing up for our pay monthly Drain Down package is quick and easy to do, simply visit www.draindown.co.uk and enter your details. After signing up online you will receive a call from our dedicated team to arrange your first service.

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