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Preventing Slips and Trips in an Industrial Workplace

February 24, 2015 – by Tony Earnshaw

Maintaining health and safety in any commercial or industrial environment is essential. In fact, business occupiers, building owners and landlords across all industries have a legal obligation to fulfil to protect their workers and visitors from accidents through various measures.

Slips and trips are a particularly common occurrence at work, and according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), around 90% of all slips and trips result in broken bones. Here we explore the importance of preventing such incidents, and give you the know-how to enhance health and safety in your workplace.

Why is preventing slips and trips important?

Preventing slips and trips through a tailor-made and thorough industrial cleaning regime is more than about protecting your employees and visiting customers from danger. While this forms a huge part of the reason why, slips and trips can result in other major consequences for the wider organisation meaning legal action and closure are just a phone call away.

Legal action following an injury can be particularly damaging, and whilst your insurance company will pay part of the costs, you will have to foot the majority of the bill. In addition to suffering financial hardship, loss of reputation may mean you lose business in the long run. Put the safety of your employees first and protect your business for the foreseeable future.

How can I reduce the risk of slips and trips?

There are a number of steps every industrial business can take to reduce the risk of slips and trips. Fine-tuning your industrial cleaning plan is the most important step that any company can take to improve health and safety, actively protect their employees and safeguard the future of their organisation.

Every organisation should employ a qualified industrial cleaning specialist to take care of both daily and one-off needs. Any vital aspect of preventing trips and slips is through regular floor cleaning. By enlisting a cleaner to effectively and efficiently manage and deliver floor maintenance you can rest assured that floors throughout your premises are free from hazards.

Hiring a professional industrial cleaner

Here at UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions we specialise in carrying out a wide range of industrial cleaning services. Our team have helped a number of industrial businesses perfect their cleaning regimes with our bespoke packages. We also deliver high standards every time in all types of buildings, without causing disruption to your wider business.

Remain compliant with UK health and safety regulations by calling UK Commercial Cleaning today on 0800 032 9533.

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